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For online bingo fans: what bingo types of games you can play

Bingo is considered a simple game, but it has its steady online following. For those aficionados who would like to get acquainted with the main bingo game types. This is useful information, when you open an online gaming site, because many sites will feature at least two types of bingo. When you have an idea of what each main type is like, it will be easy to choose. We would like to also advise you to look at the card prices, because they are different. When you go into the online bingo room, you can rely on moderators for communication during the game

Below we will outline the general characteristics of 75 ball, 90 ball, and 5 line bingo. There are also single, two lines etc. types. But let us dwell on the three main types for the time being.

75 Ball Bingo

This variant originated in the US. The bingo room here is with bingo cards each of which has 5 columns and 5 rows. So the squares are 25 altogether. The middle square is empty, but the other 25 squares have numbers. Looking at the top of the columns, you will see the letters forming the word BINGO. Each letter is above one column. B is above the column which has the lowest numbers.

The general rule with 75 ball bingo is that the player who has daubed all the numbers found in a complete line is the winner. The line can go vertically, or horizontally, or diagonally.

90 Ball Bingo

The cards for this type of bingo game have 15 numbers. The numbers of each card are arranged in 3 rows of 5 numbers. Furthermore, the numbers vary from 1 to 90. Like with the previous type of game we described above, in the 90 ball variant each of the columns can have numbers from a particular range.

The winners in this bingo variant can be of three types. The first winner is the first to have fully daubed a horizontal line. Then, the second winner is the lucky player who has daubed two horizontal line. And the third winner is the luckiest one, because that must be the player who has marked all the numbers ahead of the other players. That is quite a challenge, so if you are of the kind of people who enjoy challenges, here is a game for you.

5 Line Bingo

The last game we will dwell on, 5 line bingo, also goes by the name of Swedish Bingo. It certainly is a game for those of you who fancy a fast paced bingo gaming experience. The card has 5 rows of 5 columns in the 5 line variant, but unlike in 75 ball, the middle square is not empty.

When you learn that there can be five types of winners, you will be infected with even more enthusiasm. So let us tell you what the winners should have achieved.

The first winner is the one who has daubed a full line, the second winner is the player who has daubed 2 full lines, the third winner is the one who has daubed 3 full lines, the fourth winner is the one who has managed to daub 4 lines, and the fifth winner is the luckiest, because he has daubed 5 lines.

You must check with the online gaming site about the rules for forming the lines. On many sites, there can be horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines.