Roulette tips that are sure to enhance your rate of success + Guide

Many people know that in roulette playing chance has the saying. As the wheel is turning, you do not know where the ball will stop. Well, now you can learn you can use some rules to increase your chance of success. If you are a regular or frequent roulette player, you must get acquainted with these rules.

You may have heard about similar tips offered about card playing, and the use of card counting. In roulette, the rules are simpler. And anyway you must remember that online casinos do not leave matters entirely in the hands of chance, because they must maintain the house edge. Now we can proceed with the tips about the rules to follow if you want to beat chance successfully.

Rule 1 is manage your bankroll

Like in other games you play online, it is important to set limits for your gaming in roulette, according to your bankroll. You must never play on without calculating what prudent limits you can pose to yourself. If you do not set such limits, you can easily incur losses and empty your bankroll. Then you will not be able to play further.  This is a rule which is very well familiar to professional roulette players. They never wager their entire bankroll amount in one bet. Furthermore, when you play with small amounts, you will stay in the game longer, and learn more, gain more experience, which is very important for novices.

Rule 2 is about choosing the European variant of roulette

The reason why you are recommended to select European roulett

e out of the several variants available on an online casino is that compared to the American roulette variant for example, it offers you higher chances of winning. The reason is that in the European variant there is one zero, and in American roulette there are two zeroes.

Rule 3 is about using a system which is based on science

There are articles acquainting roulette players with diverse systems they can use to increase their chances. Bur you should remember that you should choose a system based on science. In roulette, that means that you must be aware of the laws of physics which are related to the spinning of the roulette wheel. In plain words, you must observe the wheel movements carefully. With time, you will gain enough practice and that will help you to make more winning bets.

Rule 4 is about the progressive strategies and whether they are successful in roulette gaming

You should be aware that progressive systems are not recommended when you play roulette online. You may be tempted by tips that after a loss you must double your bet, but you should take such tips with a pinch of salt, and even not take them at all. After a loss you may be tempted by the urge to recoup your losses, but that is unwise and very hazardous, especially if you are new to the game and don't have even a certain small amount of experience.

The mini guide to roulette variants

Roulette is a popular game with online gaming enthusiasts. It captivates with the thrills of waiting for chance to bestow its decision, and stop the ball on the lucky sector, or pass it and land on an unlucky one. When you start searching the roulette games available on online gaming sites, you will find different variants. It is useful to have a mini guide to give you the low down on each of the popular variants of online roulette. What is important to note is that although the basic rules are the same with the different variants, some variants will feature more auspicious odds, and hence more palatable chances of winning for the player.

The variants of roulette are five.

European roulette

Let us start with the most popular variant, which has one zero, and the house edge is low.  The house edge is the profitability for the online casino. This low house edge in the European variant of the game is what attracts a plethora of players to it.

American roulette

This variant has not only a zero slot, but also an additional slot with two zeros. The house edge is higher with this variants, so the odds for players are low. You may want to try American roulette to see how different it feels to play when there are a 0 and a 00 sectors.

French roulette

This variant owes its name to the fact it originated in France. The peculiarity distinguishing this variant is a rule called La Partage. This rule stipulates that the even money bets of a player which lose to a zero will be returned in half. When you compare the house edge, this variant has a very low one, a little more than 1 percent. With this percentage, which is not auspicious for online casinos, you will have difficulty finding an online gaming spot featuring French roulette.

Roulette Royale

This roulette variant is similar to the European one, with an important difference. It is an opportunity for royal wins, because there is a possibility of hitting a progressive jackpot. In order to grab it, what you need is to hit the same number five consecutive times. There is another important detail: the number has to be single.

You can imagine that it is not very frequently that a player can manage to meet the conditions for the jackpot, but when you think of the royally lavish amount that can be won, that will surely motivate you to try the Royale variant as well.

Mini Roulette

In our mini guide, there is a mini variant of the vastly popular game of online roulette. You can guess that it is a mini me of the regular variant. So the wheel is a smaller one, and the numbers you will find on it are from 0 to 13 only. One thing you must note is the very high house edge, over 7 percent. Yet, if you are curious and want to gain experience in all the five variants, you should try the mini variant and see what it is like.