success in sports betting

Even if punters have experience, they often fall prey to myths. These myths spread quickly when bettors communicate with each other, sharing what they overheard from other punters.

Yet, however tempting it is to follow the advice shared by others, it is always wiser to look for information supplied by experts. There are articles dedicated to rules you can follow while betting, because your prime principle should be to bet prudently. Especially when you are a novice, protecting yourself from losses as much as possible is important. Losses tend to discourage everyone.

What are the most widespread fallacies that you should not lend yourself to

Below we would like to outline the most commonly spread fallacies about sports betting which are false and you should be aware of them.

  • One of these is the myth that online bookies limit all accounts that have wins. Why is it false? Because that happens only when online bookies suspect that the player uses underhand principles to win, and not betting on chance. When punters use underhand methods, they tend to get high wins very frequently, and that is what causes their accounts to be limited or suspended.
  • On the other hand, the saying that betting should rely entirely on luck is also a myth. There are some sources of information which you can follow, so that you master some basic skills and achieve wins, plus, you will avoid frequent losses. When you are informed about the previous matches, injuries, etc., you will make more successful bets with a higher likelihood of winning.
  • Let's go on and explore another myth, the myth that you should always bet on the favourite. That surely seems wise, but you should think twice about following it. There are times when favourites are not in top shape, and there can be underdogs that will be more powerful in a given period. Here again you should follow the recent developments and information, in order to avoid becoming disappointed should your bet on the favourite lose. Plus, when you are well acquainted with the recent statistics, you can also wager on th underdog and still make a winning bet. Yet another factor affecting the performance of both favourites and underdogs is the place where the match is to be played. If it is a home game, there is a higher chance of the team winning, even if it is the underdog.

Talking about favourites and underdogs, if you want a better value bet, you should choose betting on the underdog, because there the values are often much more enticing. If the underdog wins, the payoff will be better, so although there is certain risk involved, you can take that risk for the sake of getting better wins.

In short, what we would like to point out is never stick to the favourite, entirely neglecting the underdog. The statistics and the situation will prompt you what bet to make.

  • Sports analysis offer a lot of opinions on how to bet, but taking them without a pinch of salt is a mistake. There are different analysts, some more proficient than others, and there are sites online that offer good tips on some sports, and other sites where you will find good tips on other sports. Search and compare, and use the statistics you can find, to judge if the specific analyst's advice is worth following.