Live Betting

5 things to avoid in Live Betting

Live betting is immensely popular among bettors regardless of what their background or preferred sport might be. The fast pace and multitude of markets combined with a live streaming feature can create the perfect mix for an entertaining in-play betting session on every online bookmaker. However, similarly to any other kind of sports wagering, you have to make careful decisions or risk ruining not only your bankroll but also what is fun in betting.

What to avoid in in play betting:

  • Chasing losses. This is a common problem among bettors as they refuse to pull out when they’ve already lost some money. If they happen to miss many bets in a short time, they will try to chase their losses. The most often result to this is that they’ll lose the rest of their money, along perhaps with their sense of self-worth.
  • Feeling overconfident. Similarly to the above, if a bettor has won many bets in a row, he will not stop as he feels he can now accurately predict every match he comes across. Once again, this is a recipe for disaster as he might not stop when he has burnt through his profits, but keep going till he hits bottom.
  • Making hasty decisions. The clock is ticking, the odds are rising and you’re contemplating whether you should place a bet or not, as you feel a goal is bound to be scored in the next minutes. If pressure gets to you, you will think that unless you bet right now, you’ll miss a golden chance. What happens is that you often end up placing a wager that you immediately regret.
  • Placing unplanned bets. You’ve decided to place a live bet on a match that is scheduled to kick off in half an hour and feel like watching some football before your event starts. There is no harm in that, however, you must have at least once fallen victim to placing an unplanned bet, simply because you got carried away from the action. Winning this bet can feel really rewarding, unfortunately, losing it might lead to feeling frustrated and placing a series of even more unplanned bets.
  • The gambler’s remorse. You have spent some time watching a match and mere seconds before you place your bet, you witness the ball go into the back of the net. This is rightfully annoying as despite making the correct assessment of the match and investing some time monitoring it, you do not stand to earn any profit. If you are even slightly undisciplined, your next reaction might be to place a losing bet on the next match you find, as you desperately try to make up for your previous indecisiveness.