free bets

The enticement of free bets

With online bookies you will find an abundance of offers of free bets. They are enticing because of the very word “free”. But when choosing, you should make a difference between free bets which offer perks, and others which are not favorable towards you. There are two types of free bets: one is favorable for players, and the other type favors dealers. To take your decision, it is advisable to consider the types of offers extending free bets. In the field of free bets, you have the following types:

  • Risk free bets
  • Stake returned bets
  • Stake not returned bets

How to access your free bet

Accessing your free bet is easy, because it is typically possible when you register an account as a new user. Most free bet offers are for new users. You will get your free bet offer together with the registering.

Risk free bets

The very name given to this type of bets explains that you will not carry a risk here. Or, you will for certain get your wins with the money used to wager. What is not so auspicious is that this type of bets is not so frequent. You will mostly see such offers with new accounts, and the amount you can wager is not large, typically around 50£. The limiting of these free bets to the amount indicated above ensures that you place a larger bet than the ones gamblers who play to relax do.

To use such risk free bet offers, you must lodge sufficient funds in your account: you will need to do that, to pay your first bet. If your bet wins, you will get the payout. But, if it does not win, you will still get a refund which will be to the amount your initial wager has. So, to be eligible for the free bet, it will be a necessity for you to have had your initial bet lost. This means that as the least you will be able to break even. And should you place a bet with an amount exceeding the limit of that free bet, you will get a refund only to the amount of the free bet advertised. But there is one more rule you should be aware of: to avail yourself of the risk free bet offer, you should wager your own funds here, betting an amount exceeding the amount that the risk free bet has, and then you will have fulfilled the requirements to be able to get a withdrawal.

Stake returned bets

This type will ensure that after the wagering you will get your original stake back, plus the wins that have arisen as your win. This, again, is a free bet type extended predominantly to new players. It is extended as an incentive to lure you to sign up, because you will be informed that you will get both your stake and your win.

Stake not returned bets

As the name of this type implies, you will not get your original stake returned. You will just get your win amount. Obviously such bets are not as auspicious as stake returned bets.

The manner of placing your free bets

The manner of making your free bets will vary. You can opt for placing several small bets on several betting sites. This is an approach which will guarantee you small profits, at any rate.

You can alternatively adopt another approach: relying on high odds. You can either win big, or if you do not win, you will lose nothing.

The extent of cautiousness in using your free bet

You can either use it cautiously, or jump at the offer. It is a decision you should make at your discretion.

The information in lists of offers of free bets extended by online betting sites

Typically online bookmakers will offer their free bets in the menu on the home page. These offers are listed in descending order, on the basis of their amounts. On the specific page for each individual free bet, you will find not only the basic information on the bet size, but also information detailing the terms and the conditions accompanying the bet, and how it can be claimed.

The terms and the necessary conditions that come with free bet offers

These come with each free bet, and are highly important to get acquainted with. They will add information to the first offer of free bets as appealing incentives. When you have learned the details in the terms and the applicable conditions, you will also became aware of the downsides.

When you start reading the free bet offer in more detail, you will often realise that the conditions require you, for example, to make another bet in addition, using your cash, on a specific selection of odds, etc. The information in the conditions promises you that after you have made that bet, then it will be matched with a free bet which can reach up to the amount advertised on the home page. You must realise that you will be sort of told how to use your money, and you have yet to welcome the free bet amount.

The plans of bookmakers to demand that you should make a bet on specific odds are typically drawn up to make you bet on odds that are not very profitable.

Moreover, you will be presented with the requirement to place more bets using your money, before you become eligible for a withdrawal of your wins.

With heftier free bet offers you also have more terms and conditions attached

You would almost certainly have noticed how hefty free bet offers can be. These amounts look so rewarding, and they are advertised as free ones. In such cases, you are also advised to explore the relevant terms plus the conditions attached. The typical pattern includes the terms of making one bet using your own money, to have it matched by the bookie, and then more bets again with your money, to get another free bet. When you have added the smaller free bets, you will get the amount advertised initially as a lucrative free bet. But to amass it, you should use a hefty portion of your own funds, to become eligible for the sections extending parts of the offer of lucrative free bets. You can judge how free that offer is.

Another approach used as an incentive to make you strive for the free bet is the condition that you should match that bet amount by a deposit of the same amount. Often you also have to play on events which have specified odds, and not lower odds than those. What is more, you are required to rebet your total deposit amount plus the bonus a specific number of times. That is needed before you become able to make a withdrawal.

Are the incentives offered with free bets really worthwhile

The offers extended to make you pleased with free bet offers are certainly tempting. But in order to take the correct decision, you must carefully explore the terms and conditions accompanying them. If you want to be able to get your cash, you must be certain you know the conditions attached in details. While considering these offers, you should also remember that the tempting promo offers are often designed to make you use lower value odds. That is bound to cost you more, in the long haul.

When you are considering free bets on the basis of whether stakes are returned

Let us once again emphasise that with stake not returned free bets, you will only be paid the win amount in the case of a win, and the stake will not be returned to you. From here it follows that superficially, the stake returned free bet is the better choice. However, there are cases in which a free bet with stake not returned extended by one site can be more auspicious compared to a free bet with which the stake will be returned, extended by another site. The reason for the heftier amount of the free bet with which the stake is not returned bet is that the very bet amount is larger. Consequently, the win will be lefty enough, and will thus compensate for the stake amount not returned to you. It is a matter of comparing and being aware of such differences, to enable you to choose the more auspicious free bet offer.

Be careful when you register to receive your free bet

It seems fairly easy to register at a site which offers free bets, and make your deposit. The promise goes that in that way you will activate the offer and get your free bet. What you must also pay attention to, however, is that you have checked all the needed boxes, so that you clearly have stated your strife to use your free bet. If you do not make the checking in the correct way, that can prove very costly for you, and will certainly spoil your pleasure, rather than make you happy.

The lowdown on strategies for using the offers extended with free bets

There are different strategies that you can pursue when you come across free bets offers. Each of these strategies has upsides, its merits. Some players prefer to bet moderately, and others would rather take high risks, striving to win big in a short time.

New players and gamblers with little experience see these offers as chances to get some money for nothing. That is why they are more attracted to taking up free bets offers by betting with higher odds.

But it is good to be careful and not jump at enticing offers without considering the ways of ensuring wins. That is the strategy that more seasoned gamblers pursue. There is a way to make profits in any case. That can be achieved when you back the result on a site, and then use the result on another betting site. When you abide by such a strategy, you will always have a profit, albeit a smaller one. If you are good at doing sums and estimating, you can use up your free bet in that way, and then continue your betting experience applying the same method.