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With us, you have the one stop online spot for sports betting. You can access a plethora of markets comprising not only Football, but, too, Horse Racing. In addition, you can also find markets dedicated to Cricket, Tennis, Virtual Sports. It is not only the markets that we open for you. We are dedicated to providing you with a range of perks, so stay with us and enjoy. Take advantage of our online promotions to make a great difference to your online betting experiences. At our site we also provide a bet calculator: that is handy tool which you can use to calculate your wins.

We are dedicated to ensuring your all round satisfaction with smooth online sports betting. That is why we take special care to enable you to do your betting on the go. Our mobile apps are designed to be used on the major mobile operating systems, on iOS and Android devices. We also have a list of the apps you can use for your mobile betting, plus reviews on them, so that you can base your choice of app on the basis of the features that you need to use in an app.

It is worth staying with us if you are a newbie in online sports betting too. At the beginning you will need to gather information as the first step, and then make your informed choice of a bookie to open your betting account. Specially for you we stock reviews on UK bookmakers, plus reviews on foreign bookmakers, so that you can have a wide choice. Please pay attention to details such as currencies and depositing options you can use, because they will also be important for your smooth betting.

We also cater for the interests of seasoned players. For avid aficionados of major sports championships, such as Premier League, Championships League, Europa League, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc. we offer our free tips for your betting. On the basis of comparing bookies odds, you can choose the most auspicious places to place your bets on.

In our strife to continuously offer you information, we also offer you subscription to our newsletter. In it you will find the latest news about our website and online sports betting. You can also find bonus codes and the most recent free bets offers by online bookies.

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How to find the best sportsbook: information you must find out to make your choice based on it

sportsbettingOne of our strongest advantages is that we strive to help you to find the most convenient sportsbook. Our reviews are the basis which we provide to you for the purpose. In them, you will find information on sportsbooks, and find out which of them abide by the rules, whether they regularly give payouts, and to what extent their customer service is rewarding, continuous, and offered in the most convenient ways. We also explain what you can do and how you must proceed in case you are not satisfied with the services, customer service, payouts withdrawals, etc. In such cases you can contact the officials responsible for the specific sportsbook, inform them about the problems you have encountered, and insist that these problems should be resolved as soon as possible.

Collecting and comparing information on bookies is essential for your online sports betting success. By comparing what you have learnt, you will be able to make your choice of sportsbook which will meet your needs for deposit options. Selecting the bookie that accepts deposits and implements withdrawals via your preferred methods is essential, because these will enable you to make your deposits quickly and easily, and withdraw via the most convenient method, including major card options, e-wallets, etc. Some withdrawal methods take longer to reach your bank account, and the fees for transactions differ, so it is worth finding out in as great detail as possible about the payment methods of the bookies that you have selected.

Bookies often offer bonuses to newbies who have made their initial deposit. By researching bookie reviews, you can also find out whether the bookies you have shortlisted offer that perk. Some bookies extend really lavish bonuses for new bettors, so finding that out can make a very lucrative difference to your initial bankroll.

The range of betting options is yet another factor that must be taken into account. You must find out about the number of betting options that the sportsbook comprises, and what they are, to be certain that you will have your preferred option at your disposal when you register there.

As we mentioned above, the customer service offered by online sportsbooks is a key component in your overall experience there. The methods of contacting customer service available with an online sportsbook must include ways of communication that are the most convenient for you. Furthermore, you may wish to be more certain about the reputability of a bookie if they display their postal address and a toll free phone number on their site. Not least of all, the efficiency of customer service should start with a FAQ page where the common problems along with resolutions are listed, in a time saving manner.

Nowadays all reputable companies extend their services via ubiquitous social media, and online sportsbooks are no exception. The presence of an online sportsbook on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, is part of the all round customer service. You can follow and like a bookie, and then you can glean more information on the company’s communication with bettors and with potential customers. That is a sure way of finding out if your choice of bookie is correct. Trustworthy online sportsbooks are very active and responsive on the most popular social media, so when you see a bookie engages in intensive interaction with followers, that is another sign you have made the right choice.

If you are a novice, you would need a plethora of articles and tutorials to get into the matter and learn enough before you start betting. Having selected a bookie, be sure to check if there is enough information and tutorials that will instruct you in the beginning, prior to your starting betting.

Finally, we must point out that online sportsbooks differ in their services, and the rule of thumb is to draw up a list of priorities you would like to find in your best choice. These can include payment options, customer service, tutorials, bonuses offered to new players, etc. To get the most rewarding experience, you should not settle with a bookie that does not meet all your requirements. It is even a good idea to try a bookie by making a small initial deposit, so that you can experience first hand if the conditions there are rewarding for you.

Our contribution to your search for the best sportsbook

Our website is your key ally in finding your most convenient bookie. We have stocked information on bookies, their management and their history, and you can find that information in our rankings of online sportsbooks. By comparing the betting lines and point spreads presented here, you can determine what options for betting they offer, and other details of their services, such as bookies’ bonus structures. As follow-up to what you have established, you can contact the specific sportsbook, online or on the phone, and ask questions that you may have about their options.

Free bets

free bets zoneWith some bookies, you will get free bets on signup and funding your newly opened account. Your first wager made will be matched with another one to the same amount. Please check the terms and conditions for such offers, because they can be extended only to new members who use credit cards for their first deposits. Another detail to check is the range within the amount of your first wager must lie. Furthermore, the term of the free bet extended is important, because typically they expire within 30 days of the date on which they were issued.

If you share a computer in your household to use different bettors’ accounts, please be aware that typically bookies do not allow more than one free bet per household.

Another limitation concerns the members of the specific sportsbook. Free bets are offered to recreational bettors only, and not to sportsbooks staff members.

There are also free bets that can be awarded on multiple occasions, after you have completed your initial registration. There are fewer requirements coming with such free bet offers. Again you are advised to check what requirements apply, for example the amount of the wager you must make on a specific event, and the extent of the odds for it.

Another opportunity for getting free bets, without limits to their amount, and without any rollover requirements attached, is extended by most bookies when you refer a friend. Whenever that friend signs up and makes a deposit into his account, you will be entitled to such a free bet. It is easy to attract a friend and share the excitement of betting, and then it is also easy to get the free bet when your friend hurries to sign up and deposit with the bookie you have recommended.

Market offers

Bookies can be compared to market makers. They accept bets on sports, for both the team who wins and the teams who loses. Thus they ensure profits for themselves, no matter what the outcome of a sports event will be. Some sportsbooks accept bets on all markets, and others are concentrated on a narrower range of events. The criterion to which you should stick is not to search for bookies which offer a wide range of markets, but the ones that will offer the best odds in the markets where you intend to place your bets. Typical examples can be those of sportsbooks which offer betting on Football and on Horse racing.


Football is in the spotlight worldwide as a sports game, and its fame is expanding by the minute. That is why betting on football is also a perennial choice for fans of online betting. Live betting options have contributed to the popularity of this field of betting as well. You may be interested in finding a bookie which will enable you to wager on almost all matches played in all corners of the world. Then you can easily pick the games you are interested in. The wide coverage is definitely an advantage when it comes to football betting, with the plethora of matches taking place in major and less major championships.

We will offer you information on the markets prior to the holding of football events, so that you can place your bets, at the best price in the industry. You can select whether to bet on outright outcomes, on half time results, etc. We have done the research on top players odds with different bookies, so when you decide to gamble, you can use our data to compare the odds.

Free football bets are another area where we offer information that is indispensable for you. You can learn where you can get free bets, plus other promotions: they are frequently offered on social media too. Via our social media pages you can learn about our latest offers and grab them. Freebies are another exciting detail to go with football betting. We will regularly inform you on where you can get free memorabilia, like tickets for football events, signed T shirts, etc.

We think that in the field of betting, it is helpful if you have more than account. Then you can be able to easily find the best odds for the specific event you intend to bet on.

Finally, having done a plethora of research, we can advise you which bookies you must use for the specific range of events, for example for Premier League events, and which bookies are auspicious to use for games in lower leagues.

Horse racing

When it is a matter of horse racing, the comparison between markets is more difficult. The reason is that many bookies will only display the starting price, calculated on the basis of the odds offered at the actual race. The decision on the starting price is made by a panel, after they review the price changes for the race course. Thus the winner is determined without taking fixed odds at that moment.

But we select bookies so that they have best odds guaranteed. That means that if the starting price exceeds the odds, your payout will be made according to the higher price. Yet you must check with the specific bookie about any additional requirements and conditions. You should also check the information we provide on differences in the odds between bookies, because they can be very large.

When choosing a bookie, please also check about risk free bets. These are bets which will not include the stake, but in the event that you lose you will have your stake refunded one hour following the race end at the latest.

Mobile betting

We are fully aware that mobile devices are not only part and parcel of our everyday lives, they are indispensable for online betting as well. Online bookies are also aware of the trend, and they continue to create mobile apps which enable bettors to make their bets on their mobile devices. You will find out that most trustworthy bookies have their dedicated mobile apps. Please check the offers of apps that we have provided.

Live betting and streaming

Live betting is the most exciting form of online betting. It gives you the chance to win money by wagering on the outcome of the event, and at the same time watch that event as it goes on.

The market of live betting, also called In Play market, is expanding at a fast pace. Therefore, you should check if the bookie of your choice offers live betting. You would not want to miss that option and be deprived of the excitement that goes with it, as you watch the event that you have placed your bet on.

Live betting will enable you to bet on diverse sports, the perennial favorites like football and horse racing, plus a number of other sports. You can watch how the events are developing thanks to the live streaming feature. You should check whether the bookie of your choice offers live streaming. We have researched bookies according to whether they offer live betting, and also whether they also provide audio comments. You will notice that the ones that do not provide these options are not in the range of high spots on our list. We also specially recommend that you should visit our live streaming schedule, so that you can watch sports events for free.

Online betting: advantages and disadvantages

Before you start your experience in online betting, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages that such experience entails.

The convenience of betting is doubtless prime among the advantages. You can gamble from your home, or from any place on your mobile device. Another perk is that you can do your betting without the limitations that go with betting in brick and mortar betting sites.

Against these you should put the disadvantages, which can comprise delays in payouts, and similar minor problems, which would need you to contact the customer service and hope that your communication will be fast enough and the hassle will be resolved promptly. Yet another disadvantage, which can in fact be considered an advantage as well, is the availability of a plethora of bookies. The numerous bookies offers can make it difficult to make your choice. But let us remind you that we are online and doing continuous research to help you with that.

To sum up, the disadvantages connected with online betting are typical for the online space, like problems with customer service, payment methods, etc. That is why you should take advantage of the information, reviews etc. that we provide, to spot bookies with dubious reputation and avoid them. Typically bookies boast on their sites, but our reviews are unbiased, so you can rely on the information we provide there.

Incentives for players

The top online sports bookies in the UK will offer frequent promotions and incentives, not only to first timers, but also for other customers. Another perk comes with cross promotions, which means that you can combine wagers even on sports that you do not tend to bet on. Furthermore, outside of sports betting, you can engage in online casino games. You can bet on sports like tennis, golf, motor racing, etc., and even wager on overseas sports, such as rugby or Aussie Rules football. First time customers are especially pampered with welcome packages which comprise not only a bonus on the first deposit, but also chances for free betting.

Another incentive bookies offer to bettors is for making their deposits via credit or debit cards. You can have online vouchers as an option for withdrawal, and then cash them in brick and mortar shops of these bookies.

Finally, but certainly high on the list of incentives comes the satisfaction and excitement experienced in betting on sports, especially when the betting is done on live events and you have the delight to watch the event progressing, in live streaming.